Be United.
Working together for the greater good of Scottish agriculture.

“The more members we have,the stronger a voice we will have.”

The power of together.

Working together for the greater good of Scottish agriculture.

For more than 100 years, NFU Scotland has worked tirelessly for farmers and crofters across the length and breadth of the country – championing growth and lobbying government on their behalf.

On your own, it’s hard to influence change or affect decisions at a political level, but with 8,500 colleagues by your side, your strength of voice increases significantly. The more Scottish farmers and crofters stick together, the stronger our voice will be. That’s why it’s important for you to join us. Our members know that if they have an issue, or when something goes wrong, NFUS is here to respond quickly and with influence on their behalf.

“Being part of NFUS is hugely advantageous to our business ”


““If Scottish farmers don’t stick together, we’re stuffed” ”


“The work being carried out is a great boost to farmers”



A history of influence and success.

Championing change. Minimising damage. Responding to crisis.

The facts of history demonstrate our considerable success, indeed, through our strength of unity and combined voice, we have been a very positive influence for change during what has often been difficult times for Scottish agriculture.

When NFU Scotland formed in 1913 a lot of the Union’s work centred around supporting regional issues. As the Union grew, so too did the influence it has. The Union moved towards dealing with national and international issues and engaging and lobbying parliament and shaping legislation.

Here are just a few ways we have influenced change during the past 100 years:

Recent achievements.


Since the European referendum took place, the Union has taken the lead on shaping how support and the future of Scottish agriculture should look. NFU Scotland has produced a series of Change documents which are widely recognised and used by a variety of politicians and other stakeholders to help them understand the best way forward. In 2018, the Union attended a range of party political conferences for the first time ever to ensure the message is reaching the right people in order for them to push for the right outcomes.

Subsidy payments loan scheme

In spring 2016 we persuaded the Scottish Government to create a loan scheme for the subsidy payments that farmers and crofters had historically received in December each year and due to the government’s computer system not being fit for purpose nobody had been paid on time. By lobbying Scottish Government, which included a packed rally outside Holyrood for the first time in a generation, we were able to persuade Scottish Government to press ahead with the loans. This loan scheme has been in place since in response to the dysfunctional IT system. By doing this NFU Scotland was able to have £500m across three loan schemes injected into the rural economy preventing a wider crisis.

Feed shortages

With major straw shortages across Scotland in 2015, however in Westray the issues were particularly pressing, NFU Scotland spearheaded support to that area and were involved in hiring a boat, sourcing straw and securing funding for transportation costs to help that particular community. We also engaged with other stakeholders to ensure that the best solution was reached.

Major CAP reform

In 2013 there was a major reform of the CAP with a movement from coupled to area payments which would have rewarded the inactive farmer at the expense of the active. The union successfully negotiated a number of changes to these proposals that limited the extent of what would have been a devastating impact on farm businesses.

More for milk

Following a number of protests at distribution depots across the country in 2001, the following year had the largest demonstration managed by the Union where a third of dairy farmers demonstrated outside Asda in Grangemouth and as a result, the union secured a commitment from retailers for an extra 2p per litre paid on milk.

Influence in Europe

More than 40 years ago NFU Scotland was instrumental in establishing an office in Brussels along with other UK farming unions to create a stronger voice and ensure that Scottish matters were considered in all European discussions.

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