Now Everyone Can Join In.

At NFU Scotland we always look for ways to give more to our members.

As of January 2019, an NFUS Farming, Crofting and Horticultural membership now entitles your family and additional business partners to be rewarded just like you are, at no extra cost.

The benefits of Family Membership

  • Access to all membership documentation and the members’ area of our website.
  • Invitations to all events.
  • Access to membership discounts and services subject to conditions.
  • Advice and support from local, regional and national resources of the Union.
  • Regular News Bulletins and updates.
  • Opportunity to have your views and opinions heard directly.
  • No additional cost.

Who qualifies?

Any family member 14 years of age and over, who does not have a farm in their own right.

Any farm manager managing land included in your subscription.

What to do next.

Take advantage – register your family and partners now.

Join the NFUS today and reap the benefits

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